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mi casa de subastas es tu casa de subastas

Here at LOCO auctions you will find a vast variety of goods. This has been created not to be new, and not to be trendy.
No no no... Instead this has been created for you.

You see, this has derived from a family business that deals in closeouts, overstocks, and liquidations. Costumers LOVE the business and store my grandfather and father built. The only problem is our tight margines make it hard for us to expand through physical addresses. Thus, reaching out to the costumers that live far away, have moved or work during our business hours is the problem I am trying to solve.

Solution... INTERNET!!! Who would have thought! Like I said nothing original here. Just good old discount shopping from a local family business that finally is stepping foot into this century. The only twist is we aren't just an online store (hence the name).

The way it's going to work is everything in the store will be priced for purchase. Mostly everyday items like health and beauty aids, paper products, cleaners, lightbulbs, food items, etc etc etc. Stuff you won't bid on, but you want to save on. Everything else is going to be put into the auction section and the bid will start at $5. What items will this include? The good stuff. The stuff you want or need depending on your justification skills. Higher priced items that will be fun and exciting to bid on. The cool part is you pay what you want. Too rich for your blood don't bid, but if it's meant to be dig in and click that bid button!